Welcome to Holistic Einstein

A healthy person feels free in their body,
  connected to their life purpose,
Yet, disease is an essential part of being human.
Health provides the space to improve ourselves,
  and help those around us.
Disease allows us to grapple with our flaws,
  exert our strengths, and grow as people.
Disease causes horrible suffering in those who least deserve it.
Sometimes the healthiest people are those who struggle the most.

How can I help you?

Black Eyed SusanMy practice strives to help you heal your whole being.  I start with a foundation of my training as a Family Medicine Doctor, and expand that with work in Anthroposophic Medicine and Herbal Medicine.  I see myself as a guide to help you find your own path to health and purpose.  I see my patients own inner wisdom as the strongest force in their healing.   All this is grounded in a medical practice that provides everything you would expect at a regular doctor.  I work with children and adults, and order labs, xrays, and pharmaceuticals if that is what we decide is best.

-Dan Einstein, MD