Black Eyed SusanDoctor: From latin docere “to show, teach, cause to know”

Doctor Einstein is a holistic physician whose goal is to empower with knowledge. Using that knowledge you can:

  • Diabetes-safely transition off medications
  • Depression-regain passion and purpose making each day a little easier
  • High blood pressure-learn proven approaches with diet and herbs
  • Arthritis-reduce inflammation, increasing function and decreasing pain
  • Dan Einstein, MD is an Herbalist and board certified Family Physician.

His medical career began in 2000 with volunteer work at free clinics in the San Francisco area. He loved providing access to medical care for those who could not afford it, but quickly saw the limitations of acute-focused conventional medicine. While continuing the free clinic work, he began to study herbal medicine at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine, earning a certificate in 2003. Hoping to bridge the worlds of holistic and conventional medicine, he entered Case Western Reserve medical school in 2004, earning a medical degree (MD) in 2008. He then moved to Maine and completed his residency at the Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency in 2011.

His style of herbalism views life as a learning journey, and illness as one of its biggest teachers. Plant spirits can interact with this journey, helping people find healing and direction. He also provides conventional primary care to patients who are engaged in some kind of holistic therapy, including self-directed holistic therapies. His style of primary care is focused on nutrition, lifestyle modifications, medication reductions, and the interplay between conventional and holistic medical systems.