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Dan Einstein MD
Family Medicine
Plant Spirit Medicine
Personalized Nutrition & Exercise
Lifestyle Counseling

forest floorMy journey through medicine has long been divided into two tracks: One side was holistic, focused on plant medicine, especially their spiritual/energetic dimension. The other side was a conventional one, especially focused on nonjudgmental medicine for everyone.

Having recently completed my family medicine residency, I am pleased to be able to combine these two worlds for the first time. My practice includes everything you would normally expect at a regular doctor’s office, including medication management, lab tests, adult, prenatal, and pediatric care. It also includes a more holistic component: work with nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and medicinal herbs. My holistic training views life as a learning journey, and disease as one of our biggest teachers. That said, everyone has their own view of what a healthy life should look like, and I enjoy supporting patients with their individual paths to health. If this sounds like the kind of primary care physician you are looking for, make an appointment at:

Holistic Einstein: 207-470-0499