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My approach to medicine is to integrate what is often seen as separate.  Diseases of the body affect the emotions, mind and spirit.  Someone who is sick can really only heal if all of these parts come along.  The body can be healed with nutrition, exercise, supplements and sometimes pharmaceuticals.  Emotions, mind and spirit are often harder to change: they require personal transformation.  This transformation must come from within, but can be guided by the wisdom in medicinal plants and Anthroposophic remedies.

In practice, this means I do everything you would normally expect at a regular doctor’s office, including medication management, lab tests, adult, prenatal, and pediatric care. Then, I add the body side of holistic medicine by suggesting personalized nutrition, exercise, and sometimes supplements.  Finally, the emotions, mind and spirit play in.  Why do you have this disease?  What does it mean in your life?  What would it mean to feel better?  These questions form the basis for counseling and for my choices of herbs and Anthroposophic remedies.

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ho·lis·tic /hō listik/

Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical.
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Phone: (207) 470-0499
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