DSCN0185Holistic Family Medicine

I am a board certified family physician that provides the care you’d expect at a regular doctor’s office. I see children, adults, and help with prenatal care. I will order labs, x-rays, and prescribe medication as appropriate in each case. In this role, I see myself as an educator: I’ll explain your treatment options, but it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.

Plant Energy Medicine

Herbal medicine is what is closest to my heart. I work with plants in the form of tinctures and teas with the goal of guiding people through their journey here on earth. Disease can be an opportunity for spiritual growth. When that growth is achieved, the symptoms often go away. My work is a mix of using herbs to ease symptoms, and on a spiritual level to help guide a person’s life journey.

Integrative Medicine

This is the overlap between the conventional and holistic worlds. I have received training in personalized nutrition and exercise, vitamins and supplements, and guiding lifestyle change. These are all therapeutic forms that are accepted by conventional medicine, just not taught in most medical schools. I also have a good sense of how the treatments in holistic medicine interact with conventional treatments, so I can be a resource for people who want to work in both worlds.

Anthroposophical Medicine

This was style of medicine was pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, who also founded Biodynamic agriculture and Waldorf education. Disease is seen as an imbalance between the different energies of the body. Similar to the Plant Energy Medicine, rebalancing these energies is an important part of why a soul embodies as a human. Treatments come in the form of special preparations of plants or minerals. I am still in training with this, and expect to be certified in 2016.


Herbal Certificate-Blue Otter School of Medicine-2003
MD-Case Western Reserve University-2008
Family Medicine Residency-Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency-2011
Board Certification by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine-2013